Vivo Energy

Tasked with rebranding what was Shell’s downstream business across Africa, we named, positioned and created a visual identity for what was to become Africa’s most respected energy brand.

Vivo Energy is the new corporate entity and brand behind what was previously Shell’s downstream business across Africa. It’s a business jointly owned by Shell, Helios and our client, Vitol; the world’s largest physical energy trader.

By growing the business, investing in new markets and realising the potential of local staff, Vivo Energy intends to become the most respected energy business in Africa.

We named the business Vivo Energy to reflect a youthful, energetic business with ambitious plans for a bright future; ‘Vivo’ meaning life, vitality, and vigour. The colour palette and logo device we referred to as a ‘World of Energy’ to reflect the vibrancy and colours of Africa.

Working with our client’s executive teams here in London as well as across locations in Africa, we launched the brand to employees, partners and stakeholders via a short ‘town hall’ video in parallel with the distribution of a gift-style book explaining the brand’s genesis and values localised in English and French. Our strategy and design engagement included a comprehensive set of brand guidelines outlining brand usage across all touch-points, from letterheads and uniforms to signage, website and petrol tankers.