Transport for London

TfL’s Surface Transport team asked us to help them communicate a major change to employees, suppliers and stakeholders.

TfL’s Surface Transport team faced the challenge of coordinating and communicating a wholesale move of hundreds of personnel from their offices in Victoria to the iconic Palestra building, across the river, in Southwark.

Our brief was to create a campaign to communicate this major change to employees, suppliers and stakeholders.

Our strategy was one of simplicity. To utilise visual cues drawn on architectural elements from Palestra and its surroundings, as well as reflect TfL’s purpose, corporate colour palette and typography throughout. This was reflected in the identity we created for the campaign and a tagline to bring the audience aboard.

We devised a range of internal communication tools – from posters using an anagram of ‘Palestra’ to an intranet hub and a short film. With Moleskin-style guides to assist staff in getting to know their new surroundings, supplied with a ‘desk-in-a-bag’ for those hot desking, we successfully communicated the relocation in an engaging way.