Fintech startup, Nimbla, briefed us to create a disruptive brand identity that would get them noticed.

London-based fintech startup, Nimbla is a cloud-based solution that provides real-time insight, dynamic credit control and invoice protection for fast-growth SMEs.

After establishing a new name, our brief was to create a brand identity that would make an impact and provide cut-through in what is generally seen as a highly corporate and ‘grey’ sector, providing a creative brand platform that would engage and connect with their SME, B2B, audience.

After researching the market and competitor landscape, we devised strategy and messaging to communicate the solution in a compelling and memorable way.

In a sector full of boring, descriptive names, we opted for an abstract name and visual language that evokes a sense of disruption yet stability. This consumer-style, human-focussed, approach saw us deliver branding that communicates the tiered packages Nimbla provides and imbues positive cashflow and growth.