Our team worked closely with Fitch to develop a messaging hierarchy and clearly defined brand position for this global automative icon.

One of the world’s best-known brands, and a global icon within the automotive industry; Dunlop, was perceived to have lost focus and therefore resonance with existing and potential tyre customers.

This needed to change.

Our team set to work on developing a messaging hierarchy and brand position that would build upon the brand’s unique heritage and achievements while emphasising the dynamic, innovative and thoroughly modern reality of the business.

The result was the Dunlop ‘Rebirth’ brand book – an impressively weighty tome (written and conceived by our team) and a fine example of brand storytelling in what’s arguably an easy to read, hard-back ‘brochure’ format. The piece set out to establish the brand narrative as essentially British, incorporating all the humour, inventiveness, tradition, design flair and pioneering spirit that ‘Britishness’ denotes.