The Cultured Cow

Some say frozen yoghurt is the new coffee and that premium brand frozen yoghurt franchises will soon be as ubiquitous on UK high streets as Starbucks, Pret A Manger and Costa Coffee.

True or not, presented with a business plan, we were tasked to create a strategic approach, name and brand identity for this new venture, as well as designing launch collateral and a delicious little website.

We thought long and hard to devise a strategy that provided a point of difference for a new kid on the block, so ‘The Cultured Cow’ was born.

Our strategy was to pitch The Cultured Cow squarely at the design and fashion-conscious denizens of London’s Camden, with a little humour for added personality and engagement. Within weeks of opening, The Cultured Cow’s founders were offered a franchise inside one of Knightsbridge’s top department stores on the strength of their brand identity and supporting visual narrative.