Logos – brands stripped bare

When it comes to designing a logo, logotype, monogram or pictogram – as part of a wider brand design project – our approach is one of simplicity. We’ve crafted logos and visual identities for brands, businesses, products and services – large and small, national and international.

To get started, we always ask clients to answer three key questions; Who are you? What do you do? Why should I care? Your brand should answer them in the most uncomplicated manner possible. It should communicate a unique set of values that define everything it stands for and the experience it promises.

Of course, a logo is simply one readily identifiable element of a wider brand identity, and we work across all touch points and can provide a design and consultancy including non-visual messaging, copywriting, brand guidelines, brand naming and brand strategy.

We are passionate about typography, colour, visual messaging, tone of voice, photography and illustrative style, the feel of your business cards, the quality of your presentation deck, the finishes to your packaging design etc. Every detail – no matter how small it may seem – is important to us. These details help our clients to win hearts and minds, evoke confidence, build trust, and increase advocacy – driving sales and success.