The Vitol Group

Privately owned, Vitol is the largest company you’ve never heard of. Founded in Rotterdam in 1966, they have over 40 offices worldwide, trade over six million barrels of crude oil and products every day, and a turnover of USD $303bn.

We designed, wrote and produced The Vitol Group’s corporate brochure and annual report, which is also used as their principal marketing tool. With turnover of circa USD $303 billion, Vitol is the 8th largest business by revenue in the world and a major global player in chemicals, coal, aviation fuel, gas oil, LPG, LNG, power and carbon. As a private business, Vitol’s corporate brochure also effectively serves as the Company’s report and accounts, so we had to strike a balance between communicating a compelling marketing message and presenting financial data.

Our knowledge and in-depth understanding of the energy sector proved invaluable in finding the right design language and communicating the processes and motivations of a highly complex business with clarity.

As a team, we’ve delivered annual reports and accounts (ARA) for many companies, including FTSE 250 firms. We have an in-depth knowledge of the process, access to the latest (secure) collaboration and review tools, as well as ISO 27001 accredited print suppliers.